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Panama Canal Transit Tour

A man, a plan, a canal – Panama! Some said the Panama Canal couldn’t be done, but in 1870, scientists, engineers, explorers, and politicians set out to prove it could. They plunged into the single largest and costliest engineering effort since the Egyptians constructed the pyramids. So began the Panama Canal, an amazing human, Read More

Panama Canal Expansion

Panama Canal Expansion & San Lorenzo Fort Tour Description This day your guide will drive you coast to coast to the Caribbean coast to see the new expanded Panama Canal, where you will learn about the massive mega-project that was the Panama Canal Expansion.  This is the single most important project for the Panamanian, Read More

Panama Birdwatching

Birdwatching Tour Description This birdwatching tour takes place at Pipeline Road, which is located in the Soberania National Park, 40 minutes from Panama City, and where approximatelly 380 bird species have been counted here. On this day your specialist leader will guide you through this world famous trail for an unforgettable birdwatching experience. You will, Read More

Embera Village Tour Description We leave early in the morning to a port in the Chagres National Park where we take a dugout canoe with an outboard motor up the historic Chagres River. After a magical ride through pristine rainforest, we reach the indigenous Embera village, where you will feel as close as it, Read More

Tour Description Visit the Panama Canal’s Miraflores Locks Visitors Center, where you can learn about the history and operations of this engineering marvel of the world as you watch huge cargo ships passing right in front of you. Then move on to the Amador Causeway, the breakwater for the ships transiting the Canal, built, Read More

Tour Description Travel coast to coast alongside the Panama Canal from Panama City on the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. We will take a small boat and visit a beautiful island near the coast. Later on we will have a taste of Caribbean style cuisine, and on the way back, we will pass, Read More

Tour Description After a scenic drive from Panama City to a small indigenous community on the shores of Lake Bayano, we take a small boat and navigate to the entrance of the caves. This lake is quite big and the landscape is dramatic, but the real adventure begins inside the caves, as you will, Read More

Tour Description Take a scenic drive to the mountains north-east of Panama City, passing by lush jungle. Then hike in the forest to a waterfall surrounded by nature, with a natural stone pool to swim and relax. The hiking trail goes through the forest giving you the opportunity to observe Panama’s incredible bio-diversity. After, Read More

Panama Canal Tour

Tour Description This Panama Canal tour will take you on a small nature boat ride to experience the fun side of the Canal! We will pass by huge cargo ships transiting the Panama Canal, allowing you to take pictures from a privileged perspective. We also go through channels made out of small islands to, Read More