What To Pack

Best of Panama Adventure Vacation suggested “what to pack” list.


Luggage: One main piece of luggage (not to big) and a small daypack. We recommend backpacks, duffel bags, or other types of soft bags.

Restrictions: For the domestic flight at the end of the tour there is a maximum allowance of 25 pounds per person, you can either leave excess baggage at your hotel in Panama City before departing the city, or you can send them back in our vehicle when we drive it back to Panama City.

Pack Light: Over-packing heads the list of biggest travel mistakes. Do to the active nature of this tour we strongly suggest packing light to make things easier for you and everyone else.


Quick-dry shirts (cotton/poly blend for fast drying and fewer wrinkles)
Light sweater or long sleeve shirt (dark is best for dressing up if necessary)
Light long pants
Quick-dry shorts (doubles as swimsuit for men)
Swimsuit (women)
Two pairs of sports shoes (well-used sneakers or hiking shoes/boots with good traction)
Sandals (with straps if you are using them for the rafting)
Rain jacket/wind breaker (with a hood)
Underwear and socks
Small quick-drying synthetic chamois towel
Tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, shampoo, hair brush
Passport (must be valid for at least the next 6 months upon arrival in Panama)


Camera, battery charger, and memory card
Wristwatch (with built-in alarm, otherwise pack a small alarm clock)
Sunglasses with strap
Sunscreen (at least SPF 30 recommended)
Extra prescription glasses or contact lenses
Hat or baseball cap
Reusable water bottle or hydration pack, i.e. Camelback
SteriPEN or similar device to clean water with ultra-violet light
Medicine and vitamins
Ear plugs
Zip-Lock baggies (for wet items, and also good to waterproof everything)
Clothesline (dental floss works)
Small flashlight or head lamp
Insect repellent
Documents with photocopies
Notepad and pen
Something to read
Money (mix of credit card, ATM card, and some cash)


Small binoculars
Snorkeling mask

Small First-Aid Kit:

Broad-spectrum antibiotic
Antacid tablets
Anti-diarrhea and indigestion preparation
Motion sickness pills (if you suffer from this condition)
Aspirin or equivalent headache remedy
Cold and flu suppressant
Throat lozenges
Antiseptic solution
Band-aid strips
Calamine lotion

There will be a couple of opportunities during the tour to leave your clothes at the cleaners if necessary.

Avoid bringing stuff that you love too much. This is an adventure tour and your clothes and equipment can get wet, dirty, scratched, or broken.

While in Guna Yala, out of respect for the local customs, women are advised to wear a sarong or similar over their bathing suits when not at the beach.

If you have any comments or questions please contact us