Travelers Against Plastic

WATER PURIFICATION – It’s easier than you think!

travelers-against-plasticConsider traveling prepared to filter your own water. Why?

• To avoid creating a trail of plastic water bottles everywhere you go
• To ensure the safety and supply of your water
• To save money and time

CLEAN WATER: We all know we can’t drink the water in developing countries because it might make us sick from any number of microscopic bugs which could cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps or worse. So most people buy bottled water which has huge environmental impacts as well as being expensive. What to do?

IT’S EASY: Carry a re-useable water bottle and a method to treat drinking water. You’ll find several options on the TAP website. We like to use the KleanKanteen BPA-free bottle, and a SteriPEN – a small lightweight device that cleans the water with ultra-violet light. That way you can fill your water bottle from any tap, in any city in the world, and clean your water right there and then. One SteriPEN cleans 8,000 bottles of water.

IT’S SAFE: Technology has now been used for over one hundred years, and is currently used to purify drinking water by some of the largest cities in the world. It’s important to remember that you don’t know how the bottled water you buy while traveling was cleaned, if at all. It’s safer to clean your own.

IT’S CONVENIENT: Never again find yourself back at your hotel or lodge after a day of site seeing to lament you had forgotten to buy some bottled water. With your own water bottle and water treatment you simply fill up at the sink, treat and go. You save yourself time and money.

THE NUMBERS: It’s estimated that annually there are 3.5 billion plastic water bottles used and discarded worldwide by U.S travelers. The energy used to transport those bottles is astronomical and it takes 2 bottles of water to make just one disposable plastic bottle of water.

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